Best Self NOW Mastermind

Are you ready to truly put yourself first so that you can excel in all areas of your life?  

Then, join my Best Self Now Mastermind!

A powerful & fun 8 week group program that will give you more time, energy, joy & true wellness! 


"After 8 weeks in Kathy's program,  I have knocked out bad habits, unwound problematic mindsets and my career is advancing..."

Marny F., M.D. and executive leader


LED BY: Kathy McCabe, lawyer turned master certified life coach.
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Best Self NOW Mastermind

Are you ready to truly put yourself first so that you can excel in all areas of your life?  

Then, join my Best Self Now Mastermind!

A powerful & fun 8 week group program that will give you more time, energy, joy & true wellness! 

"After 8 weeks in Kathy's program,  I have knocked out bad habits, unwound problematic mindsets and my career is advancing..."

Marny F., M.D. and executive leader 

LED BY: Kathy McCabe, lawyer turned master certified life coach.
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An 8 week proven small group mastermind for busy women who WANT

more energy, true wellness, more confidence & JOY

even if they have no time, too much stress & lack willpower. 😊

100% of the women who have signed up for this program, completed it and have reported achieving their goals-- or making progress towards them--whether it was losing weight, learning tools for better productivity, achieving promotions, finding clarity in their career, getting happier or the ability to create an unstoppable mindset.


  • Struggling to put your own wellness first but feel you have no time and everything and everyone comes before you?

  • Stressed out by your own busy life and overloaded with information about how to create lasting sustained wellness for yourself right now?

  • Holding the belief that self-care is "selfish" even though you know you need to put your oxygen mask on first?
  • Confused by all of the wellness information out there and don't know who to listen to -- and more importantly how to make lasting changes so you start feeling amazing everyday? 

  • Wanting meaningful connections with a  a group of fabulous women who want to create their best lives now?   
  • Ready to drop your "shoulds" and start living as your best you--no matter what is going on in your life?

In my BEST SELF NOW GROUP you will learn HOW to create & sustain the best body, brain, and mindset habits to have more energy, more time and have an unstoppable mindset while being surrounded by a group of like-minded amazing women cheering you ON!
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"Since working with Kathy,I've had so many mind shifts, my self esteem has grown exponentially. My confidence in myself has grown and those around me have seen it. My anxiety is greatly diminished. I feel just so much happier and for the first time I'm really taking positive steps towards weight loss and improving my general health. And I can honestly say that working with Kathy has changed my life and greatly, greatly improved my life."

- Lisa Breen, attorney

"I highly recommend Kathy McCabe’s Best Self Now Group!

As a result of the course, I began to finally allow myself “permission” to prioritize my self-care without guilt.  The mindset exercises Kathy teaches are invaluable and have helped me to work on my mindset and areas that I have been “stuck” for a long time."

- Jill Rea, Consultant and single mom of 2

"Kathy is an amazing coach! Her work has truly been transformative in my life! She teaches in a way that is not overwhelming.  She is very knowledgeable in so many areas including mindset, nutrition, and finding your calm and joy under any circumstances. I highly recommend her for coaching and her Best Self Now program!" 

- Lynn Gerdes, attorney and partner  



I'm a 50 year old busy mom, wife and executive physician leader at work - and I'm better at all three since starting coaching with Kathy McCabe. I've unwound problematic mindsets, knocked out bad habits and my career is advancing in exciting ways. I am much more present, relaxed and on my way to better work-life balance that's been missing for far too long.

Before starting in one of her groups, I wasn't entirely sure group-work was for me. The experience, however, was very relatable. The group was composed of successful, dynamic women worked on challenges ranging from workplace politics to personal finance, to home and relationships. Still Kathy's depth of coaching experience and background as a highly motivated, successful attorney kept us laser-focused on practical solutions.

Working with Kathy was a game-changer. I'm really grateful for the opportunity and recommend her highly!

- Marny F., M.D. and executive leader

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8 Weekly Coaching Calls

Kathy will lead group exercises which will bust your blocks, refine your goals & help you implement your new habits in a fun way with a great group of women. You will learn skills you can use to create the best YOU! (Value $2,500)

2 Private Coaching Sessions

TWO 1:1 private coaching sessions for further coaching & support so that there is no question you will succeed! (Value $500 and many say theses sessions are priceless. 😊)

DAILY check-in accountability calls

Kathy will hold daily short 10 minute group calls (and/or texts) for the members so that you are accountable to staying on track for YOUR goals!   

There will also be an on-line private Facebook group to w provide you with inspiration and connection to keep you motivated and focused. (Value $500).

Self-Paced Online Course

Exclusive access to an online self-paced course, with video lessons, worksheets and engaging presentations that cover the healthiest habit hacks for your body, brain & mindset! This course has been curated from the best experts and it is provided to you in ‘bite size’ powerful lessons. I’ve done all the research so YOU DON’T HAVE TO! (Value $700) 

Weekly Challenges

To motivate you to create your Best Self Now! For example: "No Sugar & Still Add Daily Sweetness To Your Day Challenge," or "How Many Times Can You Say 'NO' to what drains you!
(Value Priceless)

Amazing Group Connection!

In addition to the coaching, learning and the transformation you will experience in becoming YOUR best you, you will be connected and supported by other fabulous women ❤️ who are on a similar journey. (Value Priceless)


Meet Kathy!

Kathy is an attorney turned master certified life coach who is passionate about all things health, wellness & living your best life with as much fun as you can! Her life-long study on happy longevity, powerful mindset, wellness, and nutrition has led her to learn & teach in some of the happiest places on earth, from Denmark to the “Blue Zones” of Costa Rica, where she led a week-long retreat.

Kathy has extensive experience in coaching people on creating great mindsets to help them live their best lives and has led powerful women coaching groups for several years. Her work and tips have been featured in BestLifeOnline, Salon, The Mother List, Reader’s Digest, Voyage Chicago and The Wilmette Beacon. Prior to becoming a coach,

Kathy worked as a successful lawyer for over 20 years. Her experience is invaluable for coaching women who are juggling everything and want to excel at work while enjoying their lives.

Kathy is also a work-in-progress mom of two teens, an ever evolving human and a dog lover convert!


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If you want true transformation, hire Kathy!... She "breaks down" how to create and sustain the healthiest habits and a positive mindset in a practical and fun way ... You won't be sorry!

- Nicole F, Wellness Consultant

... Through Kathy’s work... I am more productive, happier and have a personal sense of being centered and balanced ...

- Marie H, Real Estate Broker & Mom of 3

Kathy is a phenomenal coach! ... I have learned the "best practices" for cultivating the healthiest mindset, body & brain habits while being surrounded by a strong & supportive group of women ... I highly recommend Kathy!

- Cathy P, V.P. Human Resources & Mom of 2

I highly recommend Kathy! I've incorporated many new and positive habits resulting from her coaching."

- Mary Katherine K, Communications Executive & Coach

Kathy gave me the confidence and courage to start my own business doing what I would never have happened without her! I couldn't be happier!

- Ann H, Elder Care Consultant & Mom of 2

Working with Kathy has been life changing!

- Lucy J, Senior HR Business Partner & Mom of 2

“Kathy’s mastermind class taught me how to be more aware of my true goals, and she gave me the tools to achieve them. By focusing more on self-care and improving my daily habits, I’ve been able to balance a busy family life with my professional and personal growth. Taking the first step is the hardest part, and this class moves you closer to living your best life.”  ~ Stephanie B., writer

- Stephanie B., writer & mom of 3

"Kathy is such a gift! ..she has helped me in so many areas of my life:  empowering me at work, calmer parenting, and clarity in helping me live my best life."

- Andrea Roberts, Manager and mom of 2

""Kathy brings a true rare and valuable combination of serious business experience, a giant loving heart, and a real commitment to guiding people to their best. I am happy to recommend her to any woman who could use some extra guidance from somebody who gets all of it."

- Sonja Elmquist, Writer, consultant and mom