Are you stressed out & struggle with finding time to be healthier & do things that matter to you?

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Do you want to be healthier & happier  even if you have no time or lack willpower?

Get the 8 Secrets To Living a Healthier, More Productive & Joyful Life


If you're looking to be healthier, more productive & have more joy, you'll learn: 

☑️ Research-informed tips that will help when your feet are dragging.

☑️ Simple and easy methods to execute in your daily routine

☑️  Create more time for the things that really matter to you. 

I need this in my life! Send me a copy, please!

Learn The 8 Secrets To Living A Healthier, More Productive & More Joyful Life

I need this in my life! Send me a copy, please!


☑️ Research-informed tips that will help when your feet are dragging.

☑️ Simple and easy to execute in your daily routine

☑️ Proven to improve your lifestyle with consistent action 

☑️ Transform your life's perspective and get clarity with your vision 

Meet Kathy: 

Kathy is an attorney turned master certified Life coach through Dr. Martha Beck, a.k.a., Oprah's Life Coach.

Kathy and her tips have been featured in radio and media including Women's Bar Association of IL, Salon, Reader's Digest, The Mother List, Best Life Online, Voyage Chicago, Maroon Oak and The Wilmette Beacon.

Kathy runs women's groups, retreats and workshops. She is passionate about helping women create more freedom, money and joy by doing less 😊.

Kathy lives in Wilmette, IL and is a "work-in-progress" mom of two teens & one rescue dog, Buttercup.

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Here's what moms are talking about Kathy: 

"Kathy is such a gift! ..she has helped me in so many areas of my life: empowering me at work, calmer parenting and clarity in helping me live my best life."

Andrea Roberts

Manager and mom of 2

"Kathy's tools & coaching has been life-changing! I have more clarity and joy in my career & relationships. I have tried many other things before, but nothing has helped more than the tools she has taught me!"   

Lucy Jeong-Adler 

Senior H.R. Business Partner & mom of 2

"Through Kathy’s work... I am more productive, happier and have a personal sense of being centered and balanced ..."

Marie H.

Real Estate Broker & Mom of 3

Kathy has been seen in: 

Kathy has been seen in: